How Sony Technology Changed Us

How Sony Technology Changed Us

The Sony WALKMAN SPORTS WM-35 was the first "Sports" model and was splash proof and rugged, as its casing was made from extra-thick, impact-resistant plastic. The color of the case was yellow and it was easy to tell that it was splash proof. Special editions were sold in some markets and came with different colors and materials. This was a great option for people who played sports and needed a music player that could survive rough play.

The Walkman 901's

The Walkman 901's double motor drive system made it easy to play music accurately. The device was powered by a single AA battery. The Walkman 901 is still a popular collectible today and even comes with a floppy disk and a removable battery. It also has the same 3-phase disc motor as the other models, and it uses the same IC for power management and tape speed control. The circuitry inside the Walkman incorporates the LA4585M integrated circuit, which is designed to manage audio and power.

The Sony Walkman 901 features a single AA battery and a triple-motor drive system. The Walkman runs on a pair of AA-sized alkaline batteries, and the battery hatch is sealed to prevent water from entering the player. The stereo is powered by a single AA battery and a three-phase disc motor, which ensures a smooth speed when playing a tape. The LA4585M IC manages power and maintains a constant tape speed.

The Walkman

The Walkman is one of the last personal audio devices to be manufactured by Sony. While it may not be the best device, it's one of the most popular models. The Sony FS493 is equipped with a 3-phase motor and runs on a pair of AA-sized alkaline batteries. It uses the same IC for power management and maintains a constant speed. The circuit uses the LA4585M integrated circuit, which consists of switching and head preamps.

The Walkman FS493

The Walkman FS493 is another popular model from Sony. It runs on AA-sized alkaline batteries. The battery hatch is sealed to keep water out. The disc motor on both models is the same, and the FS493 has the same motor in both models. While both models are portable and have different features, they share the same 3-phase motor. During the tape playback, the FS493 is powered by a Sony IC.

The FS493 uses a single AA-size battery and is waterproof. It uses the same three-phase disc motor as the FS493. The Sony FS493's IC provides power management and a smooth speed when playing a tape. While these features are not unique to Walkmans, they are still great for a variety of purposes. They can be used for audio and video files as well.

The FS493 is another model that has many good features. It uses a single AA-sized battery and uses a proprietary IC to manage power. It also has a 3-phase disc motor in each model. It is not difficult to clean these players, and they are very sturdy and durable. If you have a Walkman in your possession, you can easily clean it by removing the cassette holder. Its LCD screen also displays the remaining battery level.

The FS493 has the same features as the FS493 and FS590. The FS493 runs on a pair of AA-sized alkaline batteries and features a similar three-phase disc motor. The FS493 has an IC that manages power and maintains the smooth speed of the tape. The IC also has a special circuit for recording and storing tapes.

The WM-FS495

The WM-FS495 and WM-FS493 were the first Walkman models with a super-high-quality record. Both models were designed for the sports market and included other features like a stereo cassette player and an AM/FM radio. The WM-FS493 and SM-FS495 also have timer controls and an LCD. They are waterproof, and come with a built-in microphone.